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Tracked Mobile Cone Crusher for Sale South Africa

Advantages of Tracked Mobile Cone Crusher 
1. The crusher is efficient and wear-resistant
Special crushing wall and rolling mortar wall design, supplemented by curved cavity and hydraulic cavity cleaning system, improve crushing efficiency and effectively reduce the loss of wearing parts.

2. Automatic crushing control system
Adopt ACS automatic crushing control system, quick response to iron (overload) automatic release reset protection, to ensure continuous, stable and efficient production.

3. Intelligent feeding control system
Equipped with PLC control system and ultrasonic material level sensor to ensure continuous feeding of full cavity, and the final product is a high-quality cube.

4. Leading technology is stable and reliable
U-type + T-type non-contact labyrinth sealing system improves the reliability of dust resistance, and the special modular hydraulic thin oil lubrication system ensures stable operation of the equipment.

5. Can quickly transition jobs
It adopts intelligent, integrated and modular configuration, which has strong on-site passability and can quickly adapt to various complex construction environments such as mountains and wetlands.
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