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ZSW Vibrating Feeder
ZSW Vibrating Feeder

ZSW Vibrating Feeder

ZSW series vibrating feeder is mainly used for conveying lump materials evenly to the coarse crusher. Meanwhile, it utilizes the effect of the bars or mesh to screen the dirt and fine-grained material. ZSW Vibrating feeder is widely applied in mining, metallurgy, colliery, building material, chemical and abrasive industries for crushing and screening combined operations.
ZSW Vibrating feeder is composed of feeding trough, vibration exciter, spring base, and transmission device. The vibration source of trough vibration feeding is the vibration exciter, which is composed of two eccentric shafts (active and passive) and gear pair. The main shaft is driven by the motor through the V-belt, and the gear on the driving shaft is meshed with the driven shaft to drive , the active and passive shafts rotate in opposite directions at the same time, and the trough vibrates to make the materials flow continuously and achieve the purpose of conveying materials.
96-1200 T/H



Input Size

Technical Parameter
product Feature
Smooth vibration, reliable operation.
Gird gas can be adjusted. Continuous and uniform feeding.
Special bar design, good fluidity of the material, which can prevent the material from clogging
With coarse screening capacity, achieve pre-screening effect and increase output
Optional variable frequency speed motor can be installed to adjust the frequency to change the output, which is convenient to control the feeding amount, there is no need to start the motor frequently.
product Deatails
Application: Crushing and screening equipment in Metallurgy, Aggregates Shaping, Metal Mine, Chemical, Road, Railway, Mechanism sand, Bituminous Concrete, Construction, Highway, Hydropower etc.
product Technical Parameter
Model Funnel size (mm) Max. feed size (mm) Speed(rpm) Capacity(t/h) Power (kw) Weight (t)
ZSW3090 900x3000 400 600~850 90-180 11 3450
ZSW3896 960x3800 500 600~850 120-210 15 4450
ZSW4211 1100 x4200 650 600~850 180-400 15 4750
ZSW4911 1134x4960 650 600~850 250-480 22 5350
ZSW5911 1134x5960 600 600~851 300-550 22 6350
ZSW6013 1288x6000 750 600~850 340-600 30 6800
ZSW6015 1524x6000 1000 600~850 400-800 37 7050
ZSW6018 1804x6000 1000 600~850 450-900 37 8669
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