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Tracked Jaw Crusher For Sale


Main Advantages of Tracked Jaw Crusher for Sale

Tracked jaw crusher adopts high quality movable jaw assembly, which uses heavy-duty eccentric shaft and heavy-duty bearings, labyrinth seal and centralized lubrication system for high impact resistance and stability. The main machine of the Tracked Jaw Crusher adopts European V-shaped symmetrical cavity with large inclined angle toggle plate, which greatly enhances the effective stroke of the movable jaw, resulting in larger crushing ratio and higher efficiency. Our original ICF intelligent system ensures even and smooth feeding, avoiding blockage of the mainframe and effectively enhancing the continuous and stable working time of the equipment; our track mounted jaw crusher has active safety protection system, intelligent control with one key start, simple and convenient operation, and unique Interlock protection system to ensure intelligent protection during the operation of the equipment. Tracked jaw crusher for sale tracked crusher adopts intelligent, integrated and modular configuration, with excellent site passability, which can quickly adapt to a variety of complex construction environments such as mountains and wetlands.

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