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The Development of Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher

The Development of Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher
Single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, generally speaking, is widely used in mining, building materials, cement and railroad industries, which require large processing capacity. The earliest single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher was developed by Allis Chalmers in the 1940's. The single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is a medium to fine crusher, which is popularized due to its simple structure, easy operation and overload protection. Its working principle is to use the gap between the upright and inverted cones to crush the material, which is superior in performance; during the operation, the feed material may be mixed with unbreakable materials, so it is necessary to set up a safety device to discharge the unbreakable materials and play a role in maintaining the machine. Single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher that is, by setting the pressure of the accumulator, the crusher application of hydraulic maintenance device, it can be very sensitive to provide overload protection, its hydraulic cylinder is mostly installed in the bottom of the frame, so also known as the bottom single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher. At present, single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is still in the development period in terms of structure and performance.

The cavity design is laminated as far as possible, and is characterized by: 1) high energy design principles, especially in the field of fine crushing; 2) computer control and modern hydraulic technology; 3) virtual design and modular design, one machine for different users to crush different materials, consisting of basic modules plus specific modules, to give the best performance.

Working principle and structural analysis: The single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is mainly composed of upper and lower frame, eccentric sleeve, transmission, crushing cone, hydraulic cylinder and lubrication hydraulic department. The upper and lower frames form a whole and are generally conically connected. The power is transmitted from the motor to the pulley to the pinion gear, which drives the big gear to rotate, and the big gear is solidly connected to the eccentric sleeve, forcing the main shaft to do cylinder swinging movement around the fixed point.

As the spindle is solidly connected with the body and the crushing wall, it makes the crushing wall and the material in the state of being squeezed and crushed, and the gap between the rolling molar wall increases and decreases periodically.

The disposal capacity and product size of the cone crusher are determined by two main mechanical factors in the crushing chamber: first, the single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is a high and deep crushing chamber type with a small eccentric swing, the cone angle, shape and height of the crushing cone; second, the eccentric swing and running speed of the cone movement. Generally speaking, its discharge opening is adjusted by the lifting and lowering of the piston of the hydraulic cylinder to adjust the position of the crushing cone section, thus adjusting the size of the discharge opening.

Generally speaking, single-cylinder hydraulic cone crushers are divided into two types according to the position of the large cone gear above and below the small cone gear, the former being represented by the SANDVIK GP series.

The CS series is suitable for two-stage crushing; the CH series is suitable for medium and fine crushing with larger diameter; and the GP series is suitable for medium and fine crushing. Its dynamic cone and fixed cone are steep cone, so the passing capacity is larger, and it adopts the mechanism of high swing frequency and small eccentric distance, which is conducive to improving the crushing times of materials per unit time, thus increasing the production capacity and reducing the discharge size.
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