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Installation Steps and Methods of Slag Grinding Vertical Roller Mill Base

Installation steps and methods of slag micro powder vertical mill base

Once there is a problem with the installation of slag grinding vertical roller mill base, there may be abnormal vibration and abnormal sound during the operation of the slag grinding vertical roller mill. So the base installation is very important, therefore, this article will introduce the installation steps and methods of the base of slag micro powder vertical roller mill.
1、Adjustment of the pad iron in the installation of slag micro powder vertical roller mill base

1)The way of researching mat iron
Grinding pad iron method is to place the pad iron on the foundation surface of the location first shovel research foundation surface, is the foundation surface is flat, and then put the pad iron between the research and good foundation surface and equipment base. When using this method, the distance between the base surface of slag mill and the foundation surface is about 50mm. But never less than 30mm, and at the same time not higher than 100mm. using the research pad iron method, pad iron and the foundation surface research and contact surface, not less than 70%. Therefore, the pad iron can not be shoveled out below the uneven surface.

2)Seating slurry method
Seat slurry method is simply between the gasket and the foundation seat into the concrete mortar, in order to achieve the purpose of pad iron installation, improve the quality of pad iron installation. it is the use of non-shrink cement for mortar pile, the flat steel plate with square level and level meter to adjust the elevation and level, the general elevation of each flat steel plate allowable error of 1mm per flat steel plate vertical and horizontal level of 3mm / m.
In order to make the base and the concrete of foundation second grouting layer firmly combined, the foundation surface needs to be treated. The entire surface should be shoveled out of the convex and concave pockmarked surface.

2、Introduction of slag micro powder vertical mill base
The main bearing base of Raymond mill is a base installed in the foundation and the main bearing. 50s, the base is processed with cast iron, but now generally adopts welded structural parts, welded with steel plate, tempered after welding, and the upper and lower surfaces are finely processed.

3、Steps and methods of installation of slag micro powder vertical roller mill base
1)Cleaning the base of slag micro powder vertical roller mill
Clean the rust-proof oil of the base, and clear the burrs and soil sand on the upper and lower contact surfaces. The foot screw hanging generally does not need to be cleaned with oil, but burned off with fire to prevent rust oil, and brush off the oxidized skin on the surface with a wire brush after tumbling, and wipe it with cotton yarn.

2)Cleaning the foot bolt
Clear the debris and water in the hole of foot bolt to ensure the quality of the first grouting. Then put the foot bolt in the hole of the foot bolt, in order to prevent the bump of the bolt thread, the nut can be temporarily worn on the bolt first.

3)Scribe the longitudinal and horizontal center line of the base
If the slag grinding vertical roller mill has been assembled and test run in the manufactory, the base has been marked with longitudinal and transverse center line, if the device has not been test run in the manufacturing plant, the longitudinal and transverse center line should be scribed on the steel base, the drawing should be carefully checked when scribing, and the longitudinal and transverse center line of the steel base should be scribed with the bolt holes for the main bearing installation.

4)Adopt the line fall method to make the base in place on the foundation
Use the crane to lift the steel base to the foundation, put on the foot bolt, pad the thin iron between the bolt and the base bolt hole, so that the bolt and bolt hole basic alignment. Use the line drop method to make the longitudinal and transverse centerline of the steel base coincide with the longitudinal and transverse centerline on the foundation.

(5) Using the plumb line method for rough alignment
After setting in place, use the plumb line method to check whether the base center line is in a straight line, check elevation of the steel base with the level meter combined with the reference elevation point, check the steel base level with frame level, and carry out the base coarse finding.

6)Conduct a grouting
After the steel base is in place and roughly corrected, the first grouting can be carried out. When primary grouting is maintained and reaches 75% of the concrete standard strength, fine alignment can be carried out.

7) Accurate alignment
When accurately aligning, first align the elevation of the material end, use a level meter to measure the base left center right three points and the reference point elevation difference, with pairs of wedged pad iron adjusted to the standard height. Then use the box type level to negotiate on the base plate, review the longitudinal and transverse center line end level, use the wedged pad iron to adjust to less than the material end base to check the transverse center span of two bases, and use the diagonal method to review, fix out the material end base. Then check the longitudinal centerline of the base with the latitude and longitude meter or hanging line method, and correct the longitudinal centerline of the two bases in the same line.

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