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What is the difference between an impact crusher and a jaw crusher?

What is the difference between an impact crusher and a jaw crusher?
Jaw crushers and impact crushers are both commonly used in the crushing market, but many people do not particularly understand these two types of crushing equipment, especially those who are new to the industry. Some users are confused about the differences between the two types of crushers, so today we will talk about the differences between the two in practical applications.

Crushers with different ranges of application
1. Hardness of the material

Jaw crusher can crush soft and hard materials with compressive strength between 300 and 350 Mpa, while impact crusher is suitable for crushing materials with less toughness and brittleness, such as limestone, limestone, etc. , if the material is hard, it will cause great damage to the wearing parts, thus shortening their service life.

2. The particle size of the material

Jaw crusher is generally used to crush large pieces of material, can allow less than 1m of ore into (specific depending on the type of equipment and manufacturers) , the mine and gravel field more applications, impact Crusher is mostly used to deal with some small and medium pieces of material, the allowed range of feed particle size is not as wide as jaw crusher.

Second, the crusher production line location is different
It is well known that jaw crusher is commonly used as primary crushing equipment in crushing, sand making, mineral processing and other production lines, and it is used as coarse crushing equipment (fine jaw crusher can be used for medium crushing or fine crushing) , impact Crusher is commonly used for two or three-stage crushing equipment, which is used for medium crushing or fine crushing.
3.The production capacity of the crusher is different
In general, jaw crusher capacity is greater than the impact crusher. Generally speaking, jaw crusher output per hour can reach 600-800t (depending on the manufacturer and product model) , impact crusher output per hour in 260-450t.

4, Crusher discharge fineness is different
Jaw Crusher as coarse broken, its output fineness larger, generally in the 300-350 mm below (depending on the manufacturer and product model) , impact crusher as broken or fine, the output fineness of course smaller.

It should be noted that due to the different properties of materials, crusher equipment discharge precision will have errors.

5, Crusher discharge particle size is different
The jaw crusher after the extrusion treatment of the material particle size is not ideal, more needle content, impact crusher is the crusher in the crusher particle size is good, finished products less angular products, its particle size is also better than the cone crusher.

Therefore, in actual production, jaw crusher is usually equipped with impact crusher for further shaping, the two crushers are also common equipment in the stone crushing line.

The price of the crusher is different
Generally speaking, jaw crusher, impact crusher is more traditional crushing equipment, and in the performance, quality, power consumption and other aspects can meet the user's application requirements, this cost-effective device is more likely to attract the attention of users.

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