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Comparison of Advantages and Disadvantages between Mobile Crusher Station and Fixed Crusher Station

According to the traditional view, the fixed crusher station has the advantages of small investment, long service life, mature and stable technology, so that most of the mine crusher stations are fixed; with the development of mine equipment and technology, mobile crusher stations with low price and high performance-to-price ratio continue to emerge.
In order to select the crushing station suitable for modern mines scientifically and reasonably, taking the daily treatment of 4000t raw ore, adopting two stages and one closed circuit crushing process, and crushing the ore with block size of 650~0mm to 30~0mm as an example.
A comparison is made from two aspects of scheme and economic benefit. The results show that the investment of fixed crusher station is similar to that of the mobile crusher station, but the operating cost of mobile crusher station is similar, but the mobile crusher station has the advantage of being movable. It can be used directly on the stope platform; it is convenient and flexible; it does not need to build a factory building and civil foundation; it is especially suitable for mines where it is difficult to expropriate land; in addition, after mining, it is suitable for mines with difficulties in land expropriation. It can be towed to any place where crushing is needed to continue to use; therefore, the mobile crusher station is more economical and suitable than the fixed crusher station.
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