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What to do if too much moisture leads to blockage in water slag vertical mill?

Water slag is produced in the ironmaking process, so there are a lot of water slag in the steel plant, water slag is a kind of easy to grind, most of water slag is ground into fine powder and reused. Water slag vertical mill is a professional vertical mill equipment for grinding water slag, and the vertical mill produced by Yusheng Machinery is a leading and world-famous equipment in the world. It is right for friends who need water slag vertical mill to contact us.

The annual output of the large-scale water slag vertical mill produced by our company can reach 1.2 million tons. According to the characteristics of the vertical mill, the main functions of water slag vertical mill are conveying, drying and grinding. Drying mainly depends on the heat exchange of waste gas from the kiln tail in the vertical mill, and the grinding pressure between the main grinding table and roller.

However, in practical operation and application, if the water slag raw material needs to strictly control its water content, the maximum water content of water slag vertical mill produced by our company is 15%. Compared with the ordinary water slag vertical mill, the maximum moisture content of water slag is 7% and 10%, which is already the leading vertical mill technology in China.

Why is it blocked when there is a lot of moisture?

It is well known that water slag has small particles, strong viscosity, excessive water content, wet water slag, high viscosity, vertical mill, it is very easy to accumulate materials. When these materials which are easy to accumulate are put into grinding, they gradually accumulate on the turning plate of the air lock valve (or on the blade) and on the sliding wall, resulting in blockage. Some owners have to clean up for more than ten hours. How can we effectively prevent the blockage of water slag vertical mill?

In view of this situation, the following methods are adopted to solve the problem:

1. Grasp the source and control the water content of the water residue purchased into the factory.

2. Do not allow the grinding materials to get damp, add a greenhouse to each yard, add a rainproof cover to the warehouse and feeding belt conveyor.
In addition, when the grinding material is very wet, the nozzle ring may be blocked, and when the blockage is serious, the wind speed and air volume around the grinding table are uneven, and the material bed on the grinding table is not smooth, resulting in large vibration. At this time, it is necessary to stop grinding and clean up.
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