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Crawler Impact Crusher Wearing Parts Replacement

How to replace the wearing parts of crawler mobile impact crusher?
As a common equipment for recycling construction waste and other solid waste resources, the crawler mobile impact crusher deals with complex construction waste and other solid waste resources every day, and its plate hammer, side liner, impact liner, screen (screen plate) are in zero distance contact with construction waste, so wear and tear is inevitable.

However, we can effectively avoid the damage to other parts of the mobile crushing plant during the crushing process by replacing these wear parts on time, thus extending the overall service life of the mobile crushing plant. Today we bring you the introduction and replacement process of hammer, side plate and screen of track mounted impact crusher. 

1.Plate Hammer Replacement Process
The plate hammer is a key and wearing part of the impact crusher, and its service life is closely related to the production capacity of the mobile crushing plant (mobile crushing machine), so the plate hammer should be replaced reasonably.
A Plate hammer disassembly: Remove the plate hammer positioning parts, then remove the compression along the axial direction, then push the plate hammer out from the access door along the axial direction, or lift it out from the frame. In order to facilitate the disassembly of the plate hammer, you can use a hand hammer to gently tap on the plate hammer
B Plate hammer installation: the plate hammer in the pallet groove, the wedge block is installed between the plate hammer and the rotor main board, hexagonal cylindrical head screws in the threaded holes of the wedge block , top on the bottom of the main board slot, and draw tight wedge, the nut in the bottom of the wedge locked in the hexagonal cylindrical head screws, positioning blocks welded on both sides of the rotor main board and clamped wedge

2.Crawler Mobile Impact Crusher Side Plate Replacement
Side Plate Replacement Process
A Open the upper cover of the crawler mobile impact crusher
B Determine the liner that needs to be replaced;  
C Remove the bolts of the fixed lining plate. When the bolts cannot be removed normally, the bolts can be removed by cutting ;  
D Remove the lining plate that needs to be replaced, clean the residual sand and gravel at the installation site of the lining plate, etc., and clean the installation surface;  
E Install a new lining plate, and the torque of the wrench for bolt locking is 270N.m. When replacing the liner, replace the fixing bolts at the same time;
F Restore the crusher to the working state, start the operation with no load for 5 minutes, and check whether there is any abnormal sound and vibration

3.Crawler Mobile Impact Crusher Screen Mesh Replacement
A Prepare the screen that needs to be replaced;
B Verify the size of the screen;  
C Verify the groove head and hemming form of the screen;  
D Confirm that all power to the machine is turned off;  
E Use a wrench to release the bolt connection between the pull plates on both sides of the screen to be replaced and the fixed screen surface;  
F Take out the screen that needs to be replaced, and clean the foreign matter on the screen;  
G Check the condition of the special buffer sleeve rubber strip, if it is damaged, it should be replaced;  
H Lay the new screen on the vibrating screen body, confirm the position of the screen, and ensure that there are equal gaps between the two side plates of the screen box and the hooks of the screen;  
I In order to ensure that the surface tension of the screen is uniform, tension the tension plates on both sides and tap lightly along the length of the side with a hand hammer. Use a wrench to fasten the connection between the two sides of the screen and the bolts that fix the screen surface, and check the tension.
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