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How to Prevent Tracked Jaw Crusher from Wear and Tear

How to Prevent Tracked Jaw Crusher from Wear and Tear
Tracked Jaw crusher is the most commonly used equipment in stone crusher industry, but when the tracked jaw crusher is used for a long time, there will be certain wear and tear, how to prevent the wear and tear of tracked jaw crusher and improve the service life of tracked jaw crusher.

First, jaw crusher by improving the interference amount of the fit. Due to the possible gap fit in the transition fit of the jaw crusher, the load reverses when there is an empty return, causing the relative vibration of the contact surface to form micro-motion wear. The coupling achieved by interference fit has high bearing capacity, and it can work more reliably under shock and vibration load, and the larger the interference amount, the more obvious the effect is, but the assembly stress is also larger.
Second, tracked jaw crusher by changing the key coupling to expansion coupling. The expansion coupling is a static coupling between hub hole and shaft assembled with one or several expansion coupling sleeve (consisting of inner and outer tapered sleeve) to compress the shaft and hub simultaneously under the action of axial force, which can transfer torque, axial force or composite load of both.
Third, tracked jaw crusher eliminates relative vibration by improving machining accuracy. The combination surface of fixed or movable jaw plate is ground and processed to reduce the coupling gap of the assembly surface to eliminate relative vibration and reduce micro-motion wear.
Fourth, tracked jaw crusher by adding liner between contact surfaces. The liner is added between the fixed jaw plate and the front wall of jaw crusher to protect the front wall of the frame, and the liner is spot welded on the front wall, which can be easily removed and replaced.
Fifth, tracked Jaw crusher improves the micro-motion wear resistance by increasing the surface hardness. Use heat treatment, surface coating, overlay welding and other surface modification technology to improve the micro-abrasion resistance.
The above five points are the methods to reduce the wear of tracked jaw crusher summarized by Henan Yusheng Machinery Co.,Ltd, so that the working output of jaw crusher can be improved on the one hand, and the service life of tracked jaw crusher can be extended on the other hand.

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