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How to Overhaul Raymond Mill and Maintenance

How to Overhaul Raymond Mill and Maintenance
After the Raymond mill has been put into operation for a period of time, a series of overhaul and maintenance measures must be carried out on it, such as overhauling the internal parts of the Raymond mill, replacing the lubricating oil, dust removal, etc., in order to protect the Raymond mill, reduce the loss of its components and extend its service life. After consulting with Henan Yusheng's after-sales technical engineers, I will now organize the overhaul and maintenance methods of Raymond mill as follows, hoping to help customers.

Raymond mill equipment overhaul has the following methods:
(1) Mandatory repair method, this method is for the mill equipment repair date, type and content of the specific plan in advance, and strictly according to the plan, regardless of the actual technical condition of the mill equipment. The advantage is that it is easy to make adequate preparations before the repair, and can most effectively ensure the normal operation of the mill equipment. This method is suitable for particularly important and complex grinding mill equipment that must strictly ensure safe operation, such as vertical mills, ultrafine mills, Raymond mills, centrifugal mills on the grinding mill equipment, etc.

(2) Regular repair method, this way is based on the actual use of the mill equipment, reference to the relevant maintenance cycle, the development of mill equipment repair work plan date and the approximate repair workload. This method is conducive to good preparation before repair.

(3) After the inspection and repair method, this method in advance of the mill equipment inspection plan, according to the results of the inspection and previous repair information, to determine the date and content of the repair. This method is simple and easy to use, but a poor grasp will affect the preparatory work before repair.

(4) Part of the repair method, which is characterized by the mill equipment parts are not repaired at the same time, but according to the independent part of the mill equipment, in order to repair separately, each time only one part of the repair. The advantage of this method is that, because the repair workload is scattered, the whole into zero, so you can use holidays or non-productive time to repair, can increase the production time of the mill equipment, improve the utilization rate of the mill equipment.

(5) Parts repair method, the mill equipment parts to be repaired down, replaced by the same parts prepared in advance, that is, with a simple "insert", "pull out" method of replacing parts, the advantage of this method is to save disassembly time, the disadvantage is the need for a certain number of spare parts, taking up more funds.

(6) Synchronous repair method, refers to the production process in the process of closely linked several grinding mill equipment, arranged in the same time for repair, to achieve repair synchronization, in order to reduce the downtime accounted for by scattered repair.

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