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Rotary Dryer
Rotary Dryer
Rotary Dryer
Rotary Dryer

Rotary Dryer

Rotary dryer is used for drying sand, coal, sludge, coal slurry, fly ash, gypsum, clay, kaolin, grain, mineral powder etc. It is widely used in building materials, metallurgy, cement and mining industry. Rotary dryer mainly consists of drum barrel, roll ring, wheel gear, lifting board, reduction gears, and motor etc parts. It is matched with conveyor, dust remover and draught fan etc equipments.
Working Principle
product Deatails
product Working Principle
Materials are sent to hopper of rotary dryer by belt conveyor or bucket elevator. The barrel is installed with slope to horizontal line. Materials enter the barrel from the higher side, and hot air enter the barrel from the lower side, materials and hot air mix together. Materials go to the lower side by gravity when the barrel rotates. Lifters on the inner side of barrel lift materials up and down to make materials and hot air mix completely, so drying efficiency is improved.
Model Shell diameter (mm) Shell length (mm) Slope(°) Rotary speed(r/m) Weight(t) Power (KW) Volume (m3)
Φ0.6×8 600 8000 3-5 8 5.1 5.5 2.26
Φ0.8×10 800 10000 3-5 7.2 6.9 5.5 5.02
Φ1.0×10 1000 10000 3-5 6.73 7.5 7.5 7.85
Φ1.2×12 1200 12000 3-5 5.8 13.1 11 13.3
Φ1.5×12 1500 12000 3-5 5.4 19 18.5 21.2
Φ1.8×12 1800 12000 3-5 5 25 18.5 30.52
Φ2.2×16 2200 16000 3-5 3.2 41 30 60.8
Φ2.4×18 2400 18000 3-5 3 51 30 81.43
Φ2.8×24 2800 24000 3-5 2-5 97 75 147.8
Φ3.0×26 3000 26000 3-5 2-5 110 90 183.7
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