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Fine Sand Recycling Machine
Fine Sand Recycling Machine

Fine Sand Recycling Machine

At present, most of the existing artificial sand production lines adopt wet production process. No matter which type of sand washing machine is used, the biggest disadvantage is that the loss of fine sand (below 0.16mm) is serious, and some even lose 20%;which not only loses output capacity, but also seriously affects the sand gradation, resulting in unreasonable gradation and coarse fineness modulus, greatly reducing the product quality of machine-made sand. In order to solve the above problems, our company YUSHENG developed a series of XS fine sand recovery system, which developed based on foreign advanced technology, it overcomes the difficulty of controlling the loss of fine sand by using a sand washing machine in the traditional process of sand washing and dewatering. The use of this fine sand recovery device can effectively reduce the fine sand loss and stone powder content in the tail water, it exactly solves the problems with high fineness modulus of finished sand and low stone powder content in the artificial aggregate processing system.




Technical Parameter
product Feature
Effectively reduce the loss of fine sand and control it within 5-10%
Polyurethane screen, long life, not easy to be blocked
The hydro-cyclone is made of polyurethane material, which improves the service life of the machine
The fine sand is fully recovered and the cost of cleaning sedimentation tank is reduced
product Deatails
product Technical Parameter
Model Separator specification Size of dewatering screen Dehydration Screen Power(KW) Type of pump Pump power(KW) processing capacity(T) Shape size Remarks
XS8018 250 800*1800 0.75*2  2/3 11 5--10 2200*1400*2150 ①The pump can be selected according to the amount of water on site. ②2/3 pump flow rate 45 tons / hour ③3/4 pump flow 80-100 tons / hour ④4/6 pump flow 300-360 tons / hour.   
XS9020 300 900*2000 1.1*2  3/4 15 10--20 2500*1400*2300
XS1225 350 1200*2500 202*2  3/4 15 20--30 3000*1700*2300
XS1530  350*2 1500*3000 3.0*2  3/4 15*2 50--80 3100*2000*2500
2XS1530  350*2 1500*3000 3.7*2  3/4 15*2 50--100 3100*2000*2800
XS1840  350*2 1800*4000 3.7*2  3/4 15*2 100--130 4200*2300*2800
2XS1840  350*2 1800*4000 3*4  3/4 15*2 100--150 4550*2300*2800
XS2050 500*2 2000*5000 3.7*4 3/4 or 4/6 18.5*2 150--200 5200*2500*3100
2WS2060  500*2 2000*6000 3.7*4  2/3 22*2 200--260 6500*2500*3100
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