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XSD Series Sand Washing Machine

XSD Series Sand Washing Machine

XSD series sand washing machine is developed by adopting advanced technology at home and abroad in combination with the actual situation of the sand and gravel industry. It is high-efficiency wheel bucket type sand washing equipment used with sand making machine. It has three functions of cleaning, dewatering and grading. It is widely used in washing, grading and impurity removal operations of fine-grained and coarse-grained materials in metallurgy, building materials, hydropower and other industries. It is especially suitable for construction sand and road construction sand.


Technical Parameter
product Feature
High cleaning rate and low failure rate
Novel structure, simple maintenance
Large processing capacity and low power consumption
Efficient and durable, good cleaning and dehydration effect
product Deatails
Working Principle: During sand washing, the motor drives the impeller to rotate slowly after decelerating through the V-belt, reducer and gear. The sand and gravel enter into the washing tank from feeding tank, tumble under impeller drive, and grind each other to remove impurities covering the surface of sand and gravel, and destroy water vapor layer covering the sand, so as to facilitate dehydration. At the same time, add water to form a strong water flow, timely take away impurities and foreign objects with small specific gravity, and discharge them from the overflow tank to complete the cleaning effect. The clean sand and gravel are taken away by the blades, and finally gravel is poured into the discharge chute from the rotating impeller to complete the cleaning effect of gravel.
Application: Washing and selection of construction sites, concrete pouring of hydropower stations, building materials, sand stone works, metallurgy, electric power and other industries
product Technical Parameter
Model XSD2610 XSD2816 XSD3016 XSD3620
Impeller of Diameter(mm) 2600 2800 3000 3600
Feeding Size(mm) ≤10 ≤10 ≤10 ≤10
Capacity(t/h) 20~50 30~60 70~120 60~150
Model of Motor Y160L-8 Y180L-8 Y200L-8 Y225S-8
Power(kW) 7.5 11 15 18.5
Water Requirement(t/h) 10-30 10-40 10-60 20-110
Weight(t) 2.7 5.5 6.1 9.7
Dimension(L×W×H)(mm) 3254×2060×2622 3810×2820×2883 3810×2820×3083 4456×2479×3688
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