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Magnetic Separator



≤1 mm

Feeding Size

40 RPM

Cylinder Speed

1.5 KW


10-20 TPH


1000 KG


Technical Parameter
product Feature
Strong material adaptability, continuous production, easy to adjust the fineness of the milled product.
It has a good dust removal effect because the discharge port adopts a straight cylindrical design and it is equipped with a draft device.
The simple structure is easy to maintain. The hollow shaft is made of cast steel making, so it easier to disassemble and replace the lining.
According to the material and the discharging method the overflow type dry ball mill or the grid type dry ball mill can be selected.
It retains the structure of the end cover of the ordinary mill with a large diameter inlet and outlet and large processing capacity.
product Details
The magnetic system of the wet magnetic separator is made of high-quality ferrite materials or composited with rare earth magnetic steel. The average magnetic induction intensity of the barrel surface is 100-600mT. According to the needs of users, it can provide a variety of different surface strength magnetic separation such as forward flow, semi-reverse flow, and reverse flow type. The magnetic separator has the advantages of simple structure, large processing capacity, convenient operation and easy maintenance. The process of the equipment is to finely crush the ore to 5mm or less than 3mm, and then use the permanent magnetic midfield magnetic separator to perform the magnetic separation of the wet magnetic separator.
product Technical Parameter
Model Magnetic Strength
Input Size (mm) Cylinder Speed (r/min) Power (kw) Capacity Weight (kg)
Ore (t/h) Slurry (m3/h)
CTB600x900 ≥120 ≤1 40 1.1 8-15 24 850
CTB600×1200 ≥120 ≤1 40 1.5 10-20 32 1000
CTB600×1800 ≥120 ≤1 40 2.2 15-30 48 1300
CTB750×1200 ≥120 ≤1 35 2.2 15-30 48 1500
CTB750×1800 ≥120 ≤1 35 3.0 20-45 72 1800
CTB900×1800 ≥135 ≤1 28 4.0 25-55 90 2400
CTB900×2100 ≥135 ≤1 28 4.0 30-65 100 2650
CTB1050×1800 ≥145 ≤1 22 5.5 35-70 110 3800
CTB1050×2100 ≥145 ≤1 22 5.5 45-88 140 4150
CTB1050×2400 ≥145 ≤1 22 5.5 45-88 140 4500
CTB1200×2100 ≥145 ≤1 19 7.5 62-110 160 5800
CTB1200×2400 ≥145 ≤1 19 7.5 82-120 192 6200
CTB1200×3000 ≥145 ≤1 19 7.5 80-150 240 6800
CTB1500×3000 ≥145 ≤1 14 11 90-170 270 8200
CTB1500×4000 ≥145 ≤1 14 11 115-220 350 9000
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