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Gypsum powder processing

Blast furnace slag is a waste formed by the non-volatile components of blast furnace ironmaking process, such as boose, ash content in the fuel and fluxing medium (limestone). There are mainly blast furnace water slag and heavy slag. Blast furnace water slag is a loose granular material formed by quick chilling with water when the blast furnace is used to discharge slag, and its activity is high, at present, this kind of slag accounts for about 85% of the total slag. Heavy slag refers to natural cooling in the air or very small amount of water to promote its cooling to form a bulk density and large block of stone materials.  
The main components of blast furnace slag are silicates and aluminumates consisting of CaO, MgO, Al2O3, MgO, SiO2, MnO, Fe2O3, etc. SiO2 and MnO mainly come from the gangue in ore and the ash content of coke, and CaO and MgO mainly come from the fluxing agent. The above four main components account for more than 90% of blast furnace slag. According to the iron ore composition, fluxing agent quality, coke quality and the type of pig iron produced, generally 0.3 to 1.0 tons of waste slag are discharged for every 1 ton of pig iron produced, so it is also a large-scale industrial waste slag.
Granulated blast furnace slag is a kind of material with good potential activity, which has become an important source of active admixture material in cement industry. Cement enterprises can expand cement varieties and improve cement properties (corrosion resistance) by using granulated blast furnace slag. The activity of granulated blast furnace slag is measured by the mass coefficient K(CaO-MgO-Al2O3)/(SiO2-MnO-TiO2), which is highly activity when coefficient is larger. The activity of blast furnace slag is related to the chemical composition, but it depends more on the cooling conditions. Slow-cooled slag has a relatively balanced crystalline structure, the main minerals are cacoclasite, akermanite, anorthite, calcium sulfide, calcium silicate and so on. In addition to calcium silicate has slow hydraulicity, other mineral components at room temperature hydraulicity is very poor. Water quenching and rapid cooling prevent mineral crystallization, thus forming a large number of amorphous active glass structure or network structure, with high potential activity. Under the action of excitant, its activity is stimulated, which can hydrate harden and produce strength.

Processing and treatment is required before to use the blast furnace slag, according to different purposes, usually the blast furnace slag is processed into water slag, slag gravel, expansion slag and expansion slag beads and other forms for utilization. Water slag can be used to produce cement, brick and concrete products, while slag gravel, expansion slag and expansion slag beads are used as aggregates to product heat-resistant, lightweight concrete.  
Water slag has the feature of potential hydraulicity gelation, under the function of cement clinker, lime, gypsum and other excitation agents, it can show the performance of hydraulicity gelation, which is high-quality cement raw materials. Water slag can be used as cement mixture or as clinker-free cement.

Therefore, the blast furnace slag vertical mill provides a strong guarantee for the green and sustainable development of cement and building materials industry. In addition, the slag micro-powder can harden when it touched with water. After fine grinding, the hardening process is greatly accelerated. Therefore, the YSMS slag vertical mill developed based on the basic properties of slag can meet the development trend of the times. The equipment integrates crushing, drying, grinding, and grading in one. The process flow is simple, system equipment is less, structure is compact, and floor space is about 50% of the same ball mill, it also can be arranged outdoors, which reduces the construction cost and directly reduces the investment cost of the enterprise. The power consumption of a single vertical mill can be reduced by 40%. It is a truly green and environmentally-friendly powder-making equipment with high economic benefits for comprehensive manufacturing.

Application fields Through the deep processing, Slag can be widely used in the following industries.
Metallurgy, Architecture ,Traffic ,Packing, Electronics ,Medicine, Printing ,Hardware, Military, Shipbuilding, Space Flight, Chemical Industry
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