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Blast Furnace Slag Vertical Mill

Henan Yusheng Machinery Co., Ltd. has been committed to providing customers with systematic solutions for vertical mills. Since the first YSMS slag vertical mill was put into operation in 2005, great progress has been made in the large-scale vertical mill, gradually developing slag vertical mill with annual output of 600000 tons, 800000 tons, 900000 tons, 1 million tons and 1.2 million tons, and applying a number of independent intellectual property rights patent technology of the company. At present, our company has sold more than 180 sets of slag vertical mills. In 2013, our company signed a supply contract with Guangxi Fangchenggang YS Co., Ltd., and it was put into production in 2014. Each index reached and exceeded the design value, and its technical performance reached the domestic leading level, reaching the international first-class level. The smooth commissioning of vertical mill marked a major breakthrough in the large-scale slag vertical mill.
Design and development
● It has the function of automatic roller lifting and roller falling, which can realize no-load start-up.
●Grinding roller can be pressurized at the same time or separately.
●Equipped with auxiliary transmission to facilitate maintenance.
●Vertical mill is well sealed and the air leakage coefficient is low.
●Electrical limit and mechanical limit can effectively protect the safety of equipment.
●High efficiency separator has the advantages of high powder separation efficiency and sensitive fineness adjustment.
●Equipped with roller tilting device, the grinding roller can be flipped out of the mill for easy maintenance.
●By using part of the material external circulation system, the ventilation power consumption of system can be greatly reduced.
●The preloading exhaust structure is beneficial to the stability of material bed and reduce the vibration.
●To adapt to different materials, cement clinker and slag can achieve zero interval conversion.
●Patented technology of the feeding device can prevent blockage of the discharge pipe and reduce the project cost at the same time.
●Special design of grinding roller oil seal to effectively protect bearings and improve service life

The main body of YSMS slag / cement vertical mill is composed of transmission device, grinding disc device, grinding roller device, rocker arm device, frame, air inlet, middle shell, separator, operating platform, pressure device, roller tilting device, lubrication system and so on.
Working principle of the vertical mill is as follows: through the conveying belt, the material falls to the center of grinding table along the feeding pipe through air locking device, grinding table rotates under the drive of driving device, and the material is uniformly dispersed and flattened outward under the action of centrifugal force to form a material bed. Grinding roller is pressed on the material under the action of pressure device, and the material is rolled continuously. At the edge of grinding table, the material is thrown out of the grinding table, and a part of hot gas entering the mill through the air ring is fed into the separator for sorting. In this process, the material is fully heat exchanged with hot gas, and the moisture is evaporated quickly. The fineness of finished product is controlled by adjusting the speed of separator rotor. Unqualified materials are sent back to the grinding table to grind again. The other part of coarse particles fall down and are fed out of the mill through scraper device, and then the material is re-fed into the mill for grinding through the conveying and lifting device, so on and on. 
Modular design
Slag vertical mill of the modular design powder company has formed a series of type spectrum, which is divided into 16 types according to the disc diameter, from the minimum disc diameter of 2.5m to the maximum disc diameter of 6.5m; according to the number of rollers, it is divided into two-roller mill and three-roller mill, the grinding roller diameter is from 1 400mm to 2800mm, the installed power is from 300kW to 8500kW. The slag mill adopts modular design to realize customer customized design to meet the requirements of different output and product fineness. According to the roller size, the grinding roller device, rocker arm device, frame and cylinder assembly are combined with disk bodies of different diameters as a module  and the number of rollers can also be changed. combined into two-roller mill or three-roller mill. Modular design not only improves the design efficiency and shortens the design cycle, but also greatly improves the reliability of key equipment. Mature parts verified by engineering are combined into different specifications of mills to meet the customized requirements of customers.
Feeding anti-blocking technology.
Slag materials have the characteristics of easy hardening, resulting in long maintenance cycle, heavy workload, frequent material blocking and other problems. The problem of material blocking in the discharge pipe has always perplexed vertical mill users, there are basically two solutions put forward by vertical mill manufacturers at home and abroad. one is side pipe feeding: at the same time, measures such as separation of dry and wet materials, increase of air cannon, vibration motor and so on; second, central feeding: the material is fed directly from the feeding pipe of powder concentrator center to the grinding table center. The first method can only alleviate the problem of material blocking, but it will still be blocked frequently and can't be solved completely; the second way is much better than the first way, but it has some shortcomings, such as complex powder concentrator equipment, high feed building height, high project cost and so on. In order to solve this problem, powder company put forward the feeding method of reamer middle shell, and applied for a patent in 2010, through nearly 5-6 years of engineering practice, the effect is very good, and the performance is more than 100 sets, which completely solves the problem of material blockage in the feeding pipe; at the same time, the cost of investment and construction is reduced.

High efficiency powder separation technology.
At present, powder separators used in vertical mills are basically the third generation of high efficiency powder separators. Although they are all O-Sepa separators, the internal structure design is very different, resulting in great differences in powder selection performance. From the market reaction and application effect, the powder concentrator using LV technology is more efficient, especially conducive to improve the efficiency of vertical mill grinding and reduce pressure difference in the vertical mill. In 2013, LV powder concentrator technology was introduced, which has been widely used in new vertical mill design after three years of digestion, absorption, improvement and upgrading. The idea of powder concentrator is to optimize the reasonable distribution of air flow in the mill, design unique guide blades and design LV air chamber and rotor blades to minimize pressure loss, primary selection of static blades to improve powder selection efficiency of moving blades, rotor blades to reduce accidental injuries and so on.

The theoretical basis is:
Allow more materials to enter the powder concentrator directly by optimizing the gas velocity.
By installing LV gas chamber in the vertical mill to prevent the powder from falling back on the grinding table and recycling.
Reduce the pressure drop of vertical mill and separator and effectively reduce the internal circulation of materials. The function of high efficient powder concentrator is that there is no coarse powder in the fine powder. On this basis, LV separator also pursues that there is no fine powder in the coarse powder, reducing the vibration of vertical mill, reducing the system power consumption 1.5KWh/t~3KWh/t, increasing the output of system by 10% to 20%, optimizing the particle distribution, and enhancing the strength of cement.

Remote fault diagnosis platform.
As the system main equipment, the structure of vertical mill is relatively complex, so it is necessary to attach great importance to operation and maintenance. The common major equipment failures of vertical mill are as follows: failure of reducer bearing and gear, damage of grinding roller bearing, bearing damage of powder concentrator and so on. In order to monitor these key parts in real time, the powder company has developed a remote on-line monitoring and fault diagnosis system for vertical mill. This equipment can collect the vibration information of mechanical equipment through vibration sensor, and process the collected signals to form the vibration spectrum. Through analysis of the vibration spectrum, it can find the common faults of running mechanical equipment, such as imbalance, misalignment, mechanical loosening, bearing faults, and gear faults, and then deal with the faults in time and avoid the monitoring equipment of unplanned shutdown. Through internet technology to achieve remote monitoring, to solve the worries of customers, but also has been recognized by customers.

With the adoption of new powder concentrator technology, the performance index of vertical mill is generally better than that of the traditional mill, the pressure difference of vertical mill is reduced by 10% to 20%, and the production of vertical mill is increased by more than 10%. Vertical mill can produce ore powder that exceeds the 450m2/kg~480m2/kg specific surface area, and the operation of vertical mill is stable and the vibration is small. In the commissioning stage of vertical mill, the power consumption of vertical mill and the power consumption of fan are counted. The comprehensive power consumption of the system for the production of mineral powder with specific surface area > 470m2/kg is 32.5kWh, in which the power consumption of the mill is 27.5kWh/t, and that of the fan is 5kWh/t. The power consumption index has reached the international advanced level.
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Customer Visit
In January 2019, a cement factory in Pakistan needed to rectify a small cement production line as a result of its acquisition, so it was necessary to purchase a coal vertical mill with capacity of 15 tons per hour. They are very satisfied with our vertical mill products after visiting our company.
A cement factory in Pakistan
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