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Pulverized coal preparation system is widely used in metallurgical industry, and produced pulverized coal is usually used as fuel or reducing agent for metallurgical furnace. Compared with the newly-built systems in recent years, the traditional ball mill coal grinding system has fallen behind too much, and there are many problems such as low grinding efficiency, serious environmental pollution, high energy consumption, and low level of equipment. Therefore, the new coal vertical mill developed by YUSHENG MACHINE, it's with mature technology & stable production, which fundamentally solves many problems existing in traditional ball mill coal grinding, and has achieved good economic and social benefits at the same time. Pulverized coal preparation system is generally composed of raw coal storage and transportation system, hot air system, coal mill system, pulverized coal conveying system and monitoring system.

Coal vertical mill can be applied in cement, electric power, steel, metallurgy and other industries. Due to its special technology and structure, coal vertical mill has less dust and low noise in the production process, the produced coal powder has high efficiency and excellent combustion performance. The coal vertical mill produced by our company has the advantages of simple process and compact equipment. The fineness of coal powder can reach 80μm R3%, and the fineness is stable with uniform particle size.

The coal vertical mill is driven by electric motor and drives the millstone to rotate through planetary reducer. The 2-4 grinding rollers on the grinding plate rotate under the drive of millstone. The raw coal enter into vertical mill through coal dropping pipe is distributed on the millstone. Due to the effect of hydraulic loading force, the large particle raw coal is crushed by extrusion pressure between grinding roller and grinding plate. The small particle coal is crushed by sliding friction force generated by the relative movement of grinding roller and grinding plate; while the raw coal is milled in the vertical mill, hot air (generally below 300 ℃) passed into vertical mill dries off the moisture of raw coal to meet the requirements of finished coal powder; the milled coal powder is transported into the separator through primary air for separation. The separated qualified pulverized coal is transported to the pulverized coal bin, and the unqualified coarse pulverized coal is returned to the mill for grinding again. 
Compared with the old vertical mill of same model, output of the mill is increased by 20-50%, power consumption of the mill is greatly reduced. It adopts advanced dynamic and static combined separator, which has high classification efficiency and large adjustment space. The fineness of powder can reach 0.08 mm with sieve residue less than 8%,which can meet the fineness requirements of most inferior coal or anthracite in cement production line. The safe operation of equipment is ensured by adopting the explosion-proof measures such as temperature detection device and on-line gas analyzer. Through unique sealing structure design, the entire system is under negative pressure status, there is no dust overflow and low noise during the production process. The pulverized coal collection uses an air box pulse dust collector dedicated for coal grinding, dust emission concentration meets the national standard.
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