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The raw material vertical mill is an advanced grinding equipment designed and developed by YUSHENG company based on many years production experience of various mill, and absorbed the theory of ultrafine grinding at home and abroad.
Raw material vertical mill is an ideal equipment for grinding industry ,which integrated crushing, drying, grinding, and grading conveying. Raw material vertical mill can be used in cement, electric power, metallurgy, chemical, non-metallic mine and other industries. It is used to grind block, granular and powdery materials into the required powdery materials.

The torque of motor is transmitted to the grinding plate of vertical mill through the reducer, the thrust pad on the reducer supports the grinding plate and grinding roller. The weight and grinding pressure of grinding parts are transmitted to the reducer through thrust pad, and from the reducer to the foundation of roller mill.
1. In the raw material vertical mill, raw material is fed into the vertical mill through feeding chute and falls onto the grinding plate. The raw material then flows to the grinding track, where it is ground, and then moves to the outer edge of the grinding plate under the action of centrifugal force.
2. The crushed material goes up along the shell of vertical roller mill under the action of hot air from the annular nozzle. The coarse particles return to the grinding track for regrinding, the fine particles go directly to the classifier.
3. The fine crushed material enters the rotor through stationary blade of the separator. The function of static blade is to make the material evenly distributed along the height direction of rotor, while rotating the mixture of material and air, so that the material can be effectively pre-separated.
4. When the fine particles are discharged from the separator through the rotor, coarse particles collide with the rotor, which are thrown out along the direction of the stationary blade, fall into the cone below rotor, and then return to the grinding plate for regrinding.
5. The product fineness of raw material vertical mill can be adjusted by changing the rotor speed.
6. The position of the static blade is adjusted in the commissioning stage to optimize the operation state.

The specific surface area of pc42.5 cement produced by YUSHENG MACHINE raw material vertical mill is up to 3900cm2 / g, its quality is stable and reliable. It has been fully capable of becoming the final grinding of cement grinding system, and has been recognized by many customers at home and abroad.
The power consumption of stand-alone system is 25kWh/t, which is 15kWh/t lower than that of ball mill. That is to say: one 5000TPD cement plant clinker grinding can save energy per year: 15kWh/t×5000t/d×300d=22.5 million kWh, in other words, the cement plant's clinker grinding can save 22.5 million kilowatt-hours of electricity a year.
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